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Helen Cronin

Growing In The Orchard of Life

A Talk by Helen Cronin (Honey Bible Study)

About this Talk

This illustrated session uses the analogy of the growth cycle from a seed to a fruit-bearing tree to the parallels of our Christian life. It takes a look at how we grow through our personal exploration of the Bible and ways of doing that, the resulting 'fruit' of our time in the Word - our deepening love for God, and how we can 'harvest' the fruit of our growing relationship with Him.

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The Book In Your Hand - This fascinating Lesson (PDF format) looks first at the structure of the Bible, and its layout. Then explains different translation types, the literary styles of the books in the Bible, and how these can impact your studies. It also includes 3 Assignments for you to complete to put into practice what you learn! An ideal 'taster' of the Bible Study Course within the 3G Discipleship Society. The regular price is $47 For the Conference Attendees, the OFFER PRICE is just $17


50+ Ideas For Bible Study


About The Speakers

Helen Cronin

Helen Cronin

Honey Bible Study

Owner of Honey Bible, Founder of the 3G Discipleship, Bible Journaling Ministries Conference speaker in 2019, and an event speaker at NACWE