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Kelly Gadsden

Bear Good Fruit - Bible Journal With PPS & Prayer Journal Setup

A Talk by Kelly Gadsden (Owner/Designer, Print Pray Slay)

About this Talk

Hey People, it's Kelly of Print Pray Slay and I am excited to share a Bible study with you about the "Bearing Fruit"! I will be addressing the theme of this session to discuss staying connected to God in order to bear good fruit. By bearing fruit I mean giving positive results in my Christian walk when I interact with others and how I treat them/myself. In my kit I will use bears and fruit to express the message of sharing God's word in a fruitful way to bear fruit! I plan to have a ton of fun creating a kit and delivering a message that folks can look back on and remember a piece of their purpose as they bear good fruit.

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About The Speakers

Kelly Gadsden

Kelly Gadsden

Owner/Designer, Print Pray Slay