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Sara Bryant

Owner/Creator, Keys of the Kingdom Sara is an ordained minister of the Gospel. She has traveled to foreign countries for missionary work as well as done ministry work at home in the US. Sara studied Speech Communication.

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My name is Sara Bryant. I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of 2. I have one daughter, Faith, in Heaven. In 2019, I started Keys of the Kingdom to answer God's call on my life to share His Word and His love through Bible Journaling. I love sharing how to "Creatively Meditate" on His Word so others can easily hide His Word in their hearts. I am also blessed to be able to share about Faith and how her short life has blessed so many others.

God has been working on my heart regarding living more simply in order to be a good steward. I most recently began sharing about how adopting a life of minimalism is helping me to reach this goal.

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Sara Bryant