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Jade Sibblies

Owner & Designer, Etched By Faith My passion is coming up with creative illustrations to help women express love, adoration, and worship to God.

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Jade is the owner and designer of Etched by Faith. Jade creates illustrations for Bible and Prayer journaling as a tool to grow, flourish and advance in the Kingdom of God.

Jade was a featured artist for Bible Jumpstart for January 2020, she was a presenter for the Pearls and Pom-pom Bible Journaling Retreat in February 2021, a contributor for Illustrated Faith's Revival Camp in June 2021, and had the privilege to be a presenter on the Saved by Grace Bible Journaling Conference in 2021.

Jade is a Christian Single mom, she has an eight-year-old son on the spectrum. Jade is a committee member of the Jamaica Autism Support Association (JASA), where she helps to spread awareness for children and teens who are on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

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Jade Sibblies