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Helen Cronin

Honey Bible Study Owner of Honey Bible, Founder of the 3G Discipleship, Bible Journaling Ministries Conference speaker in 2019, and an event speaker at NACWE

About this speaker

Helen Cronin lives in England.

She gave her life to Christ in her late teens, went on to marry a faithful Minister in the Church of England, and served beside him for the last ten years of his walk on earth. Helen has since remarried - her husband Tim is a gifted craftsman who loves the Lord.

Throughout her Christian walk, she's loved Bible reading and study, and in recent years has become more aware of her fellow believers' struggle to know what to read, how to study, and even if they could study the Bible on their own. Helen is passionate about helping them overcome those doubts, and to delve into the wonderful truths of the Bible through personal study.

Some random facts about Helen (so you can get to know her better)

  • She loooooves chocolate, necklaces, and pretty scarves
  • Her favorite way to spend time is with her two dogs and gardening
  • She gets seasick just looking at boats on the TV!

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Helen Cronin