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Diane Noble

Daydream Designs, LLC, @dianesdaydreamdesigns Retired career educator--serving in public and Christian schools. Co-authored 4 books with LifeWay Christians Resources, Director of Discipleship and Women's Ministries. Author of Journey through the Bible--a study of the entire Bible. Author of a variety of Christian devotionals.

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I currently direct an online Bible study with approximately 3K+ participants. My passion for sharing God's Word has not waned in over 60 years of being a believer. I'm a retired career educator and trainer of teachers, and love the teaching-learning process. What makes Bible study so amazing is that we never reach a learning saturation point. There is always more of God to soak into our spirits. My great delight is opening the Word of God and sharing with excitement the treasure God has for every heart. Wherever we are in life, the Bible is alive and active and it promises to breathe new life into us. As long as I have breath I will praise God and exalt His Word.

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The Beauty of Pruning Printable by Diane Noble



The Beauty of Pruning

Diane Noble