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Carrie Barron

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I have been creating Bible journaling printables for my Etsy shop since 2018. I have been journaling digitally for about 10 years on my computer and have switched my focus to Procreate in the past couple of years. I especially love using my iPad for digital Bible journaling because it is much more portable than physical journaling supplies. And because the journaling supplies are digital, storage and clean up are super simple. I want to introduce more people to the possibilities of digital journaling and provide instructions for general uses of Procreate for journaling. But I also recognize that several people love physical journaling and have no desire to go digital. Or they do not have an iPad for digital journaling. That is why I have also provided the PDF of all the elements I will be using so that everyone can receive from my session, even if they do not follow along digitally.

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Carrie Barron