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Amanda Davis

Owner/Founder, Devotion in Action

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I am coming to you from the St. Louis area in the US. The wife of a worship pastor, I love to sing and lead worship with him at our church. We also have two teenagers, one that I homeschool and one that has recently headed off to college. I teach music part-time at a local private school when I am not ferrying my daughter to dance classes. The author of a blog called Devotion in Action, focusing on Christian Devotionals and Bible Art Journaling, I am super honored to be speaking again at this conference - it is always a fantastic experience! Lonny and Tracie do an incredible job! 

I have been Bible journaling for about six years and when I started, I couldn’t even draw a stick figure that looked like a stick figure - LOL! However, I knew I had found something that made my devotional times come to life. I love learning more about art and God’s Word and sharing that with others through my YouTube channel and blog. I am so excited to get to know all of you better and go on this journey with you all! 

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Amanda Davis